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Job Creation

The job of Governor is not about the halls of power at the Capitol, the trappings of office, or getting your way on every bill or budget

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Education is a top priority. As the son of a math teacher I know that we need to put classrooms first, not administration

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Illegal Immigration

It is unacceptable that our borders have been allowed to become so porous that criminals can operate with near impunity and that lives and properties are literally at stake

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For too long Arizona has cared more about how many people we can get on the state-run healthcare system rather than focusing on reducing costs and improving care.

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Video of the announcement

DEan Martin announces his run for governor

Martin: Ill stare Arizona's problems in the face

State Treasurer Dean Martin On the State Financial Crisis.

Written on December 9th, 2009

State Treasurer Dean Martin says state spending is out of control, as seen on Channel 3 and

State Treasurer Dean Martin Talks About Budget Crisis

Written on December 9th, 2009

State Treasurer Dean Martin talks about the state budget crisis, as seen on Sunday Square Off on KPNX-TV Channel 12 and, December 6, 2009.


State of Our State: Q&A with state Treasurer Dean Martin

Published on December 10th, 2009

What happens if Arizona runs out of money?


That and other questions were posed to state Treasurer Dean Martin (pictured) by Kristin Borns and Joseph Garcia of Morrison Institute for Public Policy as part of the State of Our State yearlong project.


“Actually, the state has run out of money,” said Martin, who noted that Arizona went into the red for the first time since the Great Depression last fiscal year – April 2009, to be precise.


What’s being done to deal with Arizona’s fiscal crisis? What else can be done? What can we expect as Arizona weathers its worst financial storm in history?


Hear for yourself with these Audio Answers.

What does the state Treasurer’s Office do? (01:59)
What does it do differently during a crisis? (01:44)
What if the state runs out of cash? (03:57)
Can’t the state defer payments? (03:04)
What the $1.2 billion loan capability mean? (07:13)
Can Arizona declare bankruptcy? (03:54)
What effect would a new sales tax have? (09:22)
What’s better: sales tax or property tax? (07:37)
Are there any immediate solutions to crisis? (04:03)
Is growth still our No. 1 economic driver? (03:25)
Any advice to the Legislature or governor? (01:44)
* Why should the treasurer be elected? (04:21)
* How have cuts affected the Treasurer’s Office? (03:02)


Andrew Long ASU Morrison Institute for Public Policy



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