Newsroom - June 2010

Martin Releases “Zero Tolerance Plan for Border Security” – Opposes Brewer’s Early Release Program Top Legislators, Worked with Sheriff Arpaio in Drafting this Plan

June 8, 2010

Phoenix, AZ – Today, just yards from Arizona’s National Guard Headquarters, Dean Martin released his “Zero Tolerance for Border Security Plan.” He was joined by numerous state legislators who endorsed the plan.

“My plan for Zero Tolerance has concrete proposals to thwart illegal immigration and to help local law enforcement do the job the federal government refuses to do. If elected Arizona’s Governor I would order the guard to the border on day one. Zero tolerance means zero tolerance and if elected Governor that’s the attitude I’ll bring to combating illegal immigration.
It’s why just yesterday Sheriff Arpaio and I met and he endorsed my plan, because it offers real solutions. And I will never offer early release like Governor Brewer,” said Martin.

Some of the plan’s highlights include:

  1. Putting 3,000 National Guardsman on the Border
  2. Create the “Rancher’s Relief Fund” from RICO funds
  3.  Finish the Arizona Border Fence
  4. Reverse the Brewer Policy on early release for illegal aliens.
  5. Tent City for illegal aliens convicted in Arizona
  6. This plan is fully paid for without raising taxes or cutting vital services.
The plan can be found by clicking here.

Dean Martin is the State Treasurer for Arizona, a statewide elective office, where he oversees $9.3 billion in investments from State and Local governments. Martin is a former state legislator who has a long record of providing real transparency in government and common sense solutions for tax relief and border security for Arizona families.


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