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Job Creation

The job of Governor is not about the halls of power at the Capitol, the trappings of office, or getting your way on every bill or budget

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Education is a top priority. As the son of a math teacher I know that we need to put classrooms first, not administration

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Illegal Immigration

It is unacceptable that our borders have been allowed to become so porous that criminals can operate with near impunity and that lives and properties are literally at stake

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For too long Arizona has cared more about how many people we can get on the state-run healthcare system rather than focusing on reducing costs and improving care.

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About Dean Martin

Dean Martin was elected in 2006 as State Treasurer, Arizona's Chief Financial Officer, responsible for the prudent custody and management of state and local monies. The Treasurer also serves as the Chairman of the State Board of Investment, and State Loan Commission, as the State Surveyor General and on the State Land Selection Board. Treasurer Martin has opened government finances to the public on his website He is a three-time "Freedom of Information Award" winner for his leadership in opening government and improving access to public records.


Treasurer Martin previously served six years representing North Phoenix as a State Senator. While in the Senate he served as Chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, responsible for legislation related to taxes, retirement, insurance and financial issues. Sen. Martin was a leader in moving vital banking and insurance regulatory reforms, including predatory lending. He has led bipartisan coalitions, balancing the needs of consumers and industry while protecting the free market. He also served on the Senate Appropriations and Commerce Committees. He has been recognized nationally as "Hero of the Taxpayer."


Treasurer Martin has been nationally recognized for his understanding and promotion of technology in government. He has consistently earned the "Tech Ten Award," which is given to legislators who understand the importance of business and technology. Treasurer Martin earned the "Freedom of Information Award" for his leadership in opening government and public records to taxpayers.

Treasurer Martin is a small-business owner and entrepreneur and plays an active role in the community as a member of Phoenix Rotary 100, and the 100 Club, which provides financial support to families of law enforcement and firefighters who give their lives in the line of duty. He is also the President and Chairman of the Center for Responsible Budgeting, a non-profit 501c(3) educational organization devoted to promoting responsible budgeting policies and practices. The Center produces and provides educational materials to teachers and community centers on personal financial education for children and young adults. The Center also educates community leaders on responsible budgeting practices for governments. Treasurer Martin established to continue his late wife's charitable efforts in water safety and financial literacy


Treasurer Martin is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he earned the first degree in Small Business Management / Entrepreneurship.


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